Quick Beach Nostalgia

I go to the beach most every Martin Luther King weekend.  The trip has changed significantly from when the tradition started in 2000.  That trip included 5 college juniors, single, no children, few responsibilities or reasons to get up before 10 or 11 or 12.  Now the trip usually includes my friend Erin, her two children and my two girls.  Still really fun, but very very different.

This year was cold, as it should be in January, but after the snowpalooza we had recently in Birmingham, it felt “fablias” (as my 3-year-old says.) One of the days, the kids headed out in their suits to the heated pool.  Nevermind the frigid wind.  They were such adorable pictures!

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One Comment

  1. Betty:

    ahhh, the beach. Now you need to start a tradition of going every President’s day so you can go again soon!


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