Pink Party

A few months ago my baby turned 3 years old.  I’m not sure how it happened, as I remember VIVIDLY the moment they handed her to me in the hospital and it could not possibly have been 3 years ago.  Nevertheless, it seems to have happened and so we had a party.  (I’m quite tardy in my posting of this, as her birthday was at the end of November.  But you’ve all heard it before- January is a slow shooting time for photographers, so we have time to catch up on our personal lives!)

My talented sister did the cutest invitations!

This pizza station was a last minute, off the cuff thing that was a HUGE success.  I ran out of pizza- party foul.  As the big day approached, I felt extremely strongly about doing the cake myself.  We’ve always gone to Edgar’s, but I wanted to save money AND just prove to myself that I could do it.  Someone suggested marshmallow fondant and it was so easy and so much fun!  Not quite as beautiful as Edgar’s, but not a bad first attempt!Somehow, my baby sister Grace didn’t make it into the Christmas post, so I wanted you all to know that she does exist.  And is, actually, quite important.  Pierce ADORES jumpy jumps and this is always a hit at the birthday party.We also did “Pin the Cupcake on Pinkalicious.”  Also a big hit!Happy Birthday sweet, strong-willed, beautiful, independent Pierce!

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  1. hagen:

    good thing i designed the invite cause otherwise it looks like i was not involved attal! 🙁

  2. Grace:

    YAY for my feature!!! at least i look like i am involved in SOME family events 🙂


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