Peyton and Pres- a wedding album

I love when my brides choose to order an album.  In elementary school, I loved creative writing.  And now that I’m a photographer, not a writer, it’s sort of the same thing.  I get to tell the story of the most important day of these couples’ lives through the photographs.  So, rather than posting a million pictures for you to see from Peyton and Pres’ wedding, I’m posting the pages of their album.

This wedding was so sweet.  All the details were so well thought out.  And not just the appearance details.  Peyton and her mother told me at our initial meeting that they hadn’t chosen a reception site yet because all the ones they were looking at were outrageously priced and they wanted to be “good stewards of what God had given them.”  Don’t get me wrong, the appearance details were perfect…The flowers by Kathy G Designs were gorgeous, the bridesmaids dresses were beautiful, Peyton’s vintage dress was perfect for her, but most of all, the faces of the family and bride and groom were priceless.  This was a joyous occasion and it was impossible to miss that joy.

Everything went perfectly leading up to and during the ceremony at Faith Presbyterian.  And then, as I drove to the reception at Botanical Gardens, the sky got dark.  It looked like it could monsoon at any moment.  The weather report on the radio confirmed it.  A storm was a brewin’.  However, Peyton seemed not to mind.  She had married Pres and the rest was just accoutrement.  It did let up long enough for us to get SOME photos of the wedding party.  There were some glitches with the rehearsal dinner, some family illness that had emotions even more heightened, but the rain couldn’t spoil this joyous day!

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  1. Kelly Cummings:

    loove the pic by the reflecting pool with the lily pads!
    awesome album!


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