Lovely Lira

Meet Lira and David. Let me tell you (aside from the obvious) why Lira is so beautiful. She has NO idea. She wouldn’t let Liz Young or me take a single picture until she was all the way ready, and even then I’m not sure she was enthused. Until she saw David… or maybe I should say, until David saw her. She was a big bundle of nerves, until the ceremony began and she laid eyes on her almost husband. Then she was relaxed and smiley and alive.

I loved the colors of her wedding, as you can see by all the pictures of the flowers.

I like this image for 2 reasons… 1- the way Lira is looking at David. (Capturing the bride’s loving looks at the groom seems to be becoming my “thing.” Not even on purpose.) 2- the clock in the background. Just seems to document the day really precisely.

The reception was at The Club, and of course I couldn’t resist a picture of the skyline on this gorgeous night as we did some less formal group shots on the balcony.

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  1. Amelia Strauss:

    Pretty!!! I love that last shot! Your talent is blooming so beautifully – I am just LOVING your blog 🙂

  2. lasyoung:

    What lovely captured moments of a lovely wedding. I especially adore the bridesmaids dresses & the flowers.


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