I’m so obsessed with Liz’s bridal portrait session, and have had to keep it hidden for a month, that I’m scheduling it the night before her wedding to post JUST after her wedding.  Ha!!  When I first met Liz I thought she was pretty and so cute.  Also quite thorough while still soft spoken.  Easy carry on a conversation with but definitely a listener.  Each time I’ve photographed and hung out with her since, I’ve found her more and more beautiful.  I think you’ll agree after seeing these portraits, that she is a classic beauty.

On top of all that sugar I just mentioned, let’s add some icing to the cake.  Her bridal session was at her husband-to-be’s family antebellum home.  It’s called Magnolia and is perfection.  I was so obsessed with all the white, the wide staircase, the antique furniture, the barn and sprawling lawn… when I stuck Liz into all that it was like taking a glimpse into the 1920’s.  Something about her dress and demeanor in this setting had me looking for Gatsby.

By the time you’re reading this she is Mrs. Bell.  And I think the name suits her… tres belle.

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