Lara & Casey

Last weekend, I spent a little time with a couple whose wedding I’m shooting in 2013.  They are both adorable.  Lara seems very organized and efficient, as well as persuasive!  She talked a friend of mine into coordinating her wedding after the friend had retired from that line of work!  That’s how she found me.  Casey is a calm, handsome police officer.  Good match, right?  All photo sessions have kind of a rhythm.  Everyone feels a little unsure at first, and probably thinks I’m crazy.  Then, they start to relax, realize I AM a little crazy and can enjoy themselves.  It was the same with this session and I love the progression in the images.   I’m sad to tell you that Lara’s engagement ring was being sized on this day.  It’ll build anticipation for their wedding day blog 🙂

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  1. Elaine roberts:

    Lara, Such beautiful pictures of you and such a handsome man. Look forward to meeting him. Love ya, Aunt Elaine

  2. Krista Weygand:

    These are fantastic! Lara, I am so very delighted for you, and Casey, I can’t wait to meet you! Welcome to the family. These photos are so beautiful, and they do really capture your personalities. Blessings!

  3. Karen Carver:

    Absolutely beautiful. You both look so happy and look good together. Thanks for sharing.


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