Kristin & Chris

I know I say I love all my weddings and brides, and I really do.  I passionately love people and honestly get excited for their big moments.  But, I really love this bride.  Kristin is more precious than I could describe in words.  She listens so well and lets you know her in an honest way.  But without spilling her guts to everyone she speaks to.  She is excitable, genuine, gorgeous, intentional, detail-oriented, emotional and laughs with her full body- mouth open, head thrown back (you’ll see.)  I met she and her very calm, supportive fiance at the same time and we spent hours talking about their wedding over drinks one spring evening.  I knew I would love being involved in their wedding from then on.  The icing on the cake is that the wedding was at my church, Altadena Valley Presbyterian, which we all know I’m obsessed with.

We began the morning at Bang! Where Lauren has been doing Kristin’s hair since WAY before Kristen and Chris met last January.  I kept thinking her hair looked perfect, and after each step I was amazed that Lauren had made it look even more perfect!  Lauren doesn’t do wedding hair anymore, but I know you’re all going to wish she did after you see this.  Her mother, sister and cousin were all there too, and you know how I love the relationships between the family.

Isn’t she stunning?  Chanel at The Summit did an awesome job on her make-up.  We all headed up to the church to get Kristin laced into her real corset gown… wow!Several of the old, new, borrowed and blue items were Kristin’s grandmother’s, who passed away earlier this year.  It was so special to have those items.  The bracelet was given to her great-grandmother by her great-grandfather on their wedding day and has been passed down to each generation.  Kristin and Chris wanted to see each other before the ceremony, but they wanted me to decide where AND they wanted it to be a secret until the moment of the first look.  Kristin is from Homewood.  Since she graduated, they have torn down the middle school and made a community garden/green space.  I took them there to meet on their wedding day.  The reception in the fellowship hall was a blast… Iz Catering did such a delicious job on the food and the dance floor was packed!Once before I’ve gone back to the hotel with a couple and I did it again.  It’s such a privilege to be trusted enough by a couple to invade this super-special first moment of being husband and wife.  I wish Kristin and Chris as much happiness throughout life as they had on their wedding day. 

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  1. Ashley:

    Gorgeous!! Such a sweet wedding, and beautifully captured. LOVE the one of Steve and Tracy!!!


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