A couple of weekends ago I shot what turned out to be one of my favorite photo sessions.  The family involved, the location, and most of all the precious, sweet girl made it so.  Kathleen is graduating this year.  It’s wild because she was in a sixth grade Sunday School class I taught and it could not have been 6 years ago.  Wild!  As we started this session, I went in knowing she was beautiful.  She’s gentle, kind, loving, has a contagious smile, but as we got into it, she took my breath away with her beauty.  She is a natural in front of the camera and the Christ-centered beauty from her insides showed through in every frame.  Thus, the blog post is a little long.  I couldn’t narrow it down!!!  Enjoy this beautiful introduction to Kathleen…

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  1. Ooba:

    She is gorgeous! I love her eyes!


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