Juliet- Infant Portraits

Several years ago I nervously drove to the home of a family from my church to photograph their new baby.  I didn’t know the couple very well and hadn’t shot many newborns, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  A few hours later I left with captures I knew they would be happy with, that I was proud of AND with the beginnings of a friendship underway.  Ten weeks ago Annah and John welcomed a 2nd baby girl, Juliet.  I wasn’t  nearly as nervous this time.  Just excited to play with my friends and their new baby.  John’s mother died when he was 19-years-old and left him this ring.  The first shot is Juliet’s baby toes and the second is big sister Claire’s little hand at her newborn session almost 3 years ago.  It’s so special to have something of hers for these precious girls.  Claire was waiting patiently beside me as I got some pictures of Juliet.  But I couldn’t resist a little sister session!Often newborn sessions feature only the baby because Daddy is at work, and Mommy didn’t have time to get herself picture-ready.  I love that it was important to this family to capture this time in their lives rather than JUST portraits of the baby.  After I got shots of everyone though, I got to finish out the session with just this little bundle.  Here’s another comparison of Annah feeding Claire 3-years-ago and Juliet last week…

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