I’m Grateful for…

Because of a fellow photographer friend, Amanda, I snuck into my children’s rooms and took pictures of the sweet little cherubs.  I am, of course, thankful for the times they’re asleep 🙂  But also…

14. the way she snuggles the blanket given by mom on the day of her birth

15. reading with her in my lap before bed.  the way her little body folds right into mine

16. that she woke up last night, in the middle of the night, wanting only to snuggle me

17.  sisters.  Mine and these two

18.  the way Adelaide adores Pierce

19.  that she has a good role model to mimick

20.  a gap-toothed smile and admiring eyes seeking approval21.  her little voice saying “are you?” really “Ah yooo?”

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  1. Amanda:

    Sweet, sweet pictures. Now I just have to sneak into my own baby’s room. She is such a light sleeper these days, and I’m terrified I’ll wake her…

  2. britt:

    i am thankful for those two little kiddos too.

  3. Ooba:


  4. Grace:

    I am grateful for sisters too!! And these two babies. And Pierce’s precious little freckles.


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