This girl makes me look good.  And I loved the session for so many reasons.  1- she’s done some modeling.  So she’s easy in front of the camera.  Even beautiful people get awkward and she just didn’t.  2- Her sister is married to my brother.  So I know her family pretty well.  One of my favorite things about portraits is seeing the person on the other side of the camera in a different way than usual.  On this day, I was able to see the parts of Hallie that are her mom and the parts that are her dad and it was breath-taking.  3- Her mom and sister came to the session.  I love them. 4- Hallie’s mom is a photographer.  She wasn’t so much interested in the smiling at the camera, head shot-type image.  She wanted me to be fully creative and artistic!  How freeing and rare!!!

This phase of life is exciting and beautiful and care-free and fun and I think we captured that here…

(Thanks to the Westin Birmingham for having us!)


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  1. Hagen:

    Wowzah! Those are some amazing senior portraits!

  2. Karen Korb:

    These pictures are amazing. I agree Hallie is gorgeous, just like her mom and sister. She is a natural in front of your camera and I love the settings you placed her in. I am so glad you shared them.

  3. Jan Mother:

    Love these Hillary, but of course I am very partial!!
    Jan Mother xxoo

  4. Alana Yates:

    Absolutely stunning. She gets prettier every single day!!


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