Hadley & Kris- Wedding Photos

I have known some of Hadley’s family for several years, but I didn’t get to meet her until we started discussing her wedding.  She and Kris had been high school sweethearts, gone to two proms together, but lost touch after high school.  During the two weeks he was on Facebook, he and Hadley found each other and rekindled.  Her wedding gift from him on their wedding day was a letter she had written to him in first grade and their prom picture that she had written “I will always love you” on the back of.  That kicked off their wedding day perfectly and everything else was equally as sweet and personal.  Not to mention beautiful.  The girls did a charm cake just before Hadley got dressed and she just happened to pull out the ring which said “Your marriage will be a long and happy one.”For Hadley and Kris’ first moment, we returned to Russell’s Crossroad Stable and the grounds surrounding.  Hadley and her mom are clearly best friends.  I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of the two as they waited for the wedding at Church in the Pines in Alexander City.  The opportunity to be somewhere besides the back of the church is so rare here in Alabama.  I LOVE getting to capture the facial expressions and sweet moments during the ceremony.  It is, afterall, the whole purpose of the day.  I just love how this precious bride and groom look at each other.  They did this all day.  We left on a very fancy boat, laden with champagne, food and plenty of gorgeous scenery as the rest of the wedding party headed over on pontoon boats.  The perfect reception was held at Hadley’s parents’ house.  It fit perfectly the couple and the lake wedding, as well as Hadley’s recurring fish theme. This next one may be my favorite capture from the whole day.As the sun went down, the party really got going.  Hadley changed into a cooler white dress so she could cut a rug with the rest.  And as the candles melted to the end, Mr. and Mrs. Gilliland danced and left by boat with lanterns lighting the night sky above them.

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  1. The Mom:

    Love Love Love! Love is all there is!

  2. Barbara Gamble:

    Fabulous photos. Love the way you captured the boat leaving!

  3. Hadley:

    I can’t stop going through each and every photo! I love them all! Thank you Hillary for making us look so great! What a great day.

  4. Linda Shaffer:

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! You did an amazing job!

  5. Debbie Bain:

    The wedding and reception was spectacular and you captured it beautifully.

  6. hagen:

    i wish i had been at this wedding! looks awesome!

  7. Nancy Carlton Bendinger:

    Beautiful pics, Hillary! Love your work!

  8. Jennifer Gilliland:

    I LOVE THESE! I am so ready to order the one of Hanna!

  9. Grace:

    So pretty and fun!!!! I feel like I totally missed out. Hadley-Can you plan my wedding someday?

  10. Stacey McMullen:

    What amazing pictures!!! I am so sorry Tom and I were not able to attend your beautiful day. We are so happy for you both!!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!!!!

    Miss you!

  11. mary:

    OK. I am dying over a)wedding dress b)bridesmaid dresses c)groom’s tie. Colors = perfect! Pretty pics, as usual!


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