Charlotte’s First Birthday Photos

Well, it happened.  Sweet little Charlotte turned one year old!  I feel like I was JUST taking her six month portraits, and now she’s all old.  Even the difference from her 9-month portrait session to now was amazing to me.  I was so excited to get to be at her first birthday party.  As I would expect from Rachel, the party was adorable.  A yellow theme- which completely overcame the chilly, gray day.  Each detail was just right, not over the top. I would call the party a success!I learned some new things about my little Waters family at this party.  1- there were 4 generations of Rachel’s family at the party  2- Rachel is one of SIX children.  I had to apologize to my two children for losing my temper only moments ago.  I imagine with six, I would just have to tattoo “I’m sorry” on my forehead.  I don’t know how Rachel’s mom did it.  But, based on Rachel and the other siblings I met at the party, she did it really well.  This is Rachel’s grandmother Maw-Maw playing with Charlotte.  And this is Rachel’s sister.  She and Charlotte were too cute together.It’s a wonder any of us turn out normal at all.  Look at Charlotte’s view as she eats her cake.  I have never seen a one-year-old dive into their birthday cake as quickly.  This girl knew what she wanted!

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