Bundle of Joy

I recently had the privilege of spending an afternoon with the Hogue family to celebrate and document the birth of their newest addition. This sweet, southern family was already delightful with 2 boys, but baby girl just rounds them out perfectly. And if you could SEE the biggest brother with his baby doll for a sister, you might just melt.

I think that photographing babies and children is one of the hardest, because it’s physical… you’re a clown, an acrobat and a photographer all at once. I’m never completely sure what I’ve gotten when I leave. I was very excited about the results, and so I’m sharing with you! Congratulations Hogue family and thank you for including me.

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One Comment

  1. Kate:

    I am IN LOVE with the big window shot. Genius!! Please email me your rates, I am planning on having pictures done of Emy and her brothers but have to pick among 3 friends that are photographers. Let me just say—that sucks (each one of you is amazing!)


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