Baby Olivia- 6-month-portraits

In my last post, I showed what a difference 20 months makes in the life of a baby girl.  NOW we’ll look at what a difference just 3 months makes!  Little Olivia and I met 3 months ago, at her 3-month portrait session.  She was so cute, just figuring out how to push up with her arms and making googly eyes at her pretty mama.  But just look at her now!  Nearly sitting, rolling over, spitting, giggling, “flying” on her belly… just all around fun.  She’s a precious roly poly baby and I could have played all afternoon.  She has a handsome big brother who adores her.  He wanted to play and snuggle and I’m so glad he did! 

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  1. Barbara Gamble:

    You apparently put the babies at east when you do a shoot. Got some really cute ones here.


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