A First Birthday Party

I realize that first birthday parties are mainly for the parents (and siblings.)  I kept this one a little smaller than my first first birthday party.  Little Adelaide had a pinwheel party the Saturday after her birthday.  It’s much harder to be the host, mom and photographer than it is to be JUST the photographer, but these parties are fun in any role.

My cousin Jessica made this banner.  You will see it at each birthday party until my children say “no more.”

My fabulously talented, graphic designer/sister made these invitations.  Wouldn’t you buy them?She also made these cupcake toppers and the confetti.  This party would have been much less beautiful without her. This banner is from Pickled Parlor on Etsy.  It was a perfect addition.  The pinwheels are removable, so I can reuse this banner too!My mom made all the girls in the family pinwheel shirts or aprons.  I love a theme!And of course, the main attraction is the baby’s first cupcake.  Consistent with her personality, Adelaide was timid at first.  She inspected the cake for a bit.  And with a little prodding from Aunt Hagen…she dug IN!She’s SOOOOOOO big.  And this is how it ended.  Bath time for baby!

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  1. Jenny:

    What a cute idea! Your family is so creative!! I love the t-shirts, and can’t get over how incredibly talented Hagen is! Congrats on A’s first b’day – such a gorgeous family!

  2. Mary Beth:

    What a pretty party! I love it! Happy birthday sweet girl!

  3. Amanda:

    So sweet! I love the theme and the shirts your mom made too!

  4. hagen:

    love them! what sweet babies you have. sure do love those lil ladies mucho!

  5. Jess:

    Your mom is the coolest! And those girls are just too, too cute! Love it 🙂

  6. Ooba:

    Wonderful pictures-Iove the black and white shots, too! She really is soooo big!

  7. Jane Lazenby:

    Beautiful pictures and what a fun party!!! Hagen did a great job with all the pinwheel decorations! And it is no wonder why Deborah has not had time to get together with me this summer….. she was busy making those adorable pinwheel t-shirts all summer!!! It was all perfect!! Happy Birthday sweet Adelaide!!


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