A Baby’s Coming- Maternity Portraits

Michelle found me through our mutual friend Kate (you may know her as Abigail’s mom.) When she emailed saying she’d like to schedule a maternity session, I was so excited!  I haven’t done a maternity session in a while and love all things pregnancy.  Couple that with a gorgeous day and you have a recipe for beautiful photos!  Baby Caroline is coming to meet her brilliant parents in late July (he’s an engineer AND just finished seminary, she’s a nurse.)  I’d say Caroline is going to have no problems in school.  And I think the sweet and loving smiles on these two parents-to-be show just how loved she’ll be. 

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  1. Heather Tate:

    Great pics, what a cute momma! I know her! does she work @ princeton? Trinity? Childrens? There are way too many nurses in my life!


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